Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live Action!

Bailey and Jonathon measured the gable height on the Meadows House, which was no small feat considering that we didn't have the measuring pole in our possession at the time AND the wind was blowing. They had only the tape measure, steady hands, and their wits to see them through. After a few tries, they had it. This was a very superhero moment I think. The video that follows describes a little of Bailey's further heroic adventures, along with a discussion by Jonathon of the process of drawing and cleaning them up to make a neat final product. I am also complaining about my lack of floor plan love (very stressful).



  1. awesome multi-media! you rule.

  2. Nah. The voice and music editing of yours was insane!

  3. I'm glad you captured our heroics. Bailey seriously doesn't have anything to be shy about.

  4. Brother Jon, your voice sounds true-to-life.
    I agree. You rule.