Thursday, July 1, 2010

Research Teams & Topics

The way it worked out last week, we accomplished way more by way of drawing than we expected. Thus each "team" of 3 worked on a series of buildings, and perhaps not coincidentally, related buildings. One group - Team Tiger - worked on buildings of two powerful Mineral Point settlers: Parley Eaton and Montgomery Cothren. This group also measured one of the institutions of the town, an early mission church (St. Paul's 1842). Thus this group is working on landscapes of power in Mineral Point.

Team Oddity, meanwhile, worked on "middling" houses in Mineral Point that seemed to have some sort of commercial function alongside their obvious domestic one. These houses had some formal spaces (parlors) but not nearly the same level of finish as the more elite.

Team Pendarvis focused on the smaller houses of the (perhaps) lower sorts: the miners cottages so dear to MP's history. They made some great finds, in terms of construction techniques and also patterns (especially related to root cellars).

It is amazing how much the groups are accomplishing. Stay tuned for more details.

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